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About Us

About Us

Hi there, thank you so much for dropping in!
We'd like to start by introducing ourselves...

... I'm Simon ...

Simon standing inside a large peacock street art piece

I grew up in a small rural village in South Wales. As you can probably guess it’s not home to a lot of travel talk and adventure.

But I was lucky to have a family that loved to embrace the great outdoors. We spent the majority of our childhood camping and caravanning all around the UK and it’s had a big impact on me.

I’d made a few trips to European cities and a solo road/diving trip around Florida, but hadn’t taken the plunge into long-term travel. That all changed when I met Caz!

... And I'm Caz ...

Caz sat on a pink bench surrounded by pink walls and cactuses with the phrase "Good vibes only" painted on the wall

I’ve loved travelling ever since I can remember. When I was younger I was the chief map reader on family European road trips in our VW camper – although I seem to have lost my map reading skills since! This is where my love for adventures began.

As soon as I got my first graduate job as a programmer I saved up all my money and annual leave for travel, using the public holidays as wisely as I could! In January 2016, I spent an amazing 3 weeks in Australia with my friends and this trip confirmed for me that all I wanted to do was travel! I met Simon in work the day after I came home and that’s when the real adventure began!

... And Together We Are WanderlustWelsh

Simon holding Caz in the air and hugging in front of a bright blue waterfall and natural pool

We first met working in the same programming job in Swansea. I (Simon) happened to notice every time I passed Caz’s desk that she was browsing for flights or hotels and realised I had a conversation starter.

We ended up chatting on a work night out and of course the conversation quickly moved onto travelling.

Anyway, a few shots later and I plucked up the courage to ask Caz on a date. She agreed but then kept me waiting for another month! We messaged every day on the work messenger, we spoke so much about places we’d been and places we’d love to go.

When the date finally came around we both knew we’d met our soulmate, and the rest is history. Within two months we were off on our first adventure together to Hungary and Slovakia.

We’ve now visited over 50 countries together and counting! And the list of countries we want to visit and things we’d like to do is forever growing.

Thank You

Again, we'd like to thank you for checking out our blog, we hope you find our guides useful and our stories interesting. Who knows, we may cross paths on our travels one day.