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10 Amazing Things to Do in Jaipur

Patrika Gate in Jaipur, India

10 Amazing Things to Do in Jaipur

It’s the largest city in India’s Rajasthan state, so there’s no shortage of things to do in Jaipur. It’s home to some majestic palaces, fortifications and temples. Also, it’s become a very popular tourist destination as it forms part of the ‘Golden Triangle’ along with Delhi and Agra. Jaipur’s known as the ‘Pink City’ and it does really live up to its name. Pastel pink buildings fill the centre of town.

Wall of Amer in Jaipur, India

Things To Do In Jaipur

Whilst Jaipur might not be most people’s top bucket list location (the Taj Mahal surely takes pole position there) it really was the classic idea of India that we expected before going. The walled city with palaces and temples dotted all around is truly a unique destination to explore. We’d suggest spending 2-4 days here with the following things to do in Jaipur.

10 Amazing Things To Do In Jaipur

1. Amber Palace

Amber (Amer) Palace, India

Amber Palace (also known as Amer Palace) is a beautiful marble and sandstone fort located around a 15-20 minute drive north of Jaipur. It costs around 400-500 Rupees return for an Uber or you could try negotiating a Tuk Tuk. It’s definitely worth getting up early for this one, the palace opens at 8am and by 9am there are crowds of people everywhere. Please don’t ride the elephants to the top, it’s not nice and besides it’s only a 10-minute walk!

Tip: There’s a 500 Rupee entrance fee, but for 1000 Rupees you can buy a tourist composite ticket which includes Amber Palace along with Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall Museum, Nahargarh Fort, 2 gardens and Swargasuli Tower.

2. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal in the Pink City

Hawa Mahal which means ‘Palace of Winds’ is located in the centre of Jaipur. It’s a unique structure with over 900 small windows, all with intricate shapes and patterns. Their design meant the women of the palace could essentially people watch through the coloured windows. You’d be forgiven for mistaking this detailed facade as the front of the city palace, but in fact it’s built as an extension to the back of the palace.

It’s worthwhile seeing this from the street outside as well as the inside for the two different perspectives. There are some restaurants/cafes on the opposite side of the road for a great photo opportunity.

3. City Palace

Blue Room in the City Palace, Jaipur, India

The City Palace is probably one of the grandest on the list of things to do in Jaipur (but also a price tag to match). The basic entrance fee is 700 Rupees which grants you access to the courtyard and the four gates (one being the Insta famous Peacock gate). For access to all the museums and secret rooms (including the ‘Blue Room’) it’s 3500 Rupees which is VERY expensive for India.

We decided to go for the full package, because most of our time in India had been cheap. We figured the odd larger expense here and there isn’t so bad.

4. Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar Observatory in Jaipur

Jantar Mantar is located close to the City Palace in the centre of Jaipur. It’s an impressive site with huge – we’re talking building-sized – astronomical devices and sundials. It’s a must for any science nerds (like us) but there are some interactive time devices for anyone to join in and enjoy.

5. Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal, The Palace on the Water in Rajasthan, India

The Jal Mahal is a beautiful palace which sits in the middle of a lake. It’s not possible to access it but it makes for a great spot for sunrise or sunset. There’s not a lot to do around here and it’s a little outside of Jaipur. However, it’s perfect if you’re on the way to Amber Palace as you will pass it. Even if you just make a brief stop for a unique photo.

6. Wall of Amer – Favourite Thing To Do In Jaipur

The Wall of Amer is situated on the opposite side of the valley to the Amber Palace. For us climbing to the top was truly a highlight of Jaipur with unbeatable views. You get great views of the Amber Palace on one side and of the surrounding villages in the valley on the other. There are also some guard towers along the wall which offer a great photo opportunity.

View of Amer Palace from Amer Wall

Tip: Get here for sunrise as it’s a really steep climb up and the cooler temperature in the morning is a huge welcome! Added to that, the view of the sun coming up over the distant mountains is beyond words.

7. Albert Hall Museum

Pigeons outside Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur, India

The Albert Hall Museum is definitely worth a visit if you have the composite ticket. It has a colonial style exterior and houses a large collection of artifacts, the main draw being an Egyptian mummy!

8. Galta Ji – Jaipur’s Monkey Temple

A Monkey at Galta Ji - (Monkey Temple) in Jaipur, India

After travelling around India we’re convinced that every destination has a temple nicknamed ‘Monkey Temple’ – Jaipur is no exception. If you book an Uber or Ola, it’s a 15-minute walk from the vehicle drop-off. Be careful with any food or valuables because the monkeys are confident and cheeky. They may try to steal your belongings!

9. Patrika Gate – Jaipur’s Famous Photo Spot

Anyone who’s searched for Jaipur on Instagram has surely seen Patrika Gate. The photogenic, colourful archways have made it a hotspot for those looking to grab the perfect pic.

Be warned you may have to wait a while as there can be queues of people waiting here. The gardens are worth a walk around while here but this entranceway is certainly the reason to visit.

10. Panna Meena ka Kund – Stepwell

Our final suggestion for things to do in Jaipur is the “Panna Meena ka Kund” stepwell. If you’re a fan of geometric architecture, you will not be disappointed! If you’re not a fan, you’ll still be impressed.

We’re not really sure about the rules here. Some people have said that they could walk down and take pictures, but we were not allowed. It probably depends on who’s guarding it when you visit. However, if you arrive early you could probably get there before the guard.

Tip: While you’re here there are also some very photogenic temples nearby, “Bihari Ji” is the one pictured below.

10 Amazing Things To Do In Jaipur

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